96 definitions by meg

hi i would be the person who made that word so of course i would know what it means.

a word to express anger
urg. what the fuck is wrong with u?
by meg April 22, 2005
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A bunch of hillbillies who's parents are too cheap to let them play sports.
"Did you hear how pickerington actually played last week?"
by Meg March 11, 2005
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the blond elvin "man" that travels with short people and is the craving of many young females
by Meg March 31, 2003
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A person who thinks that one gender is better or superior than the other. Often mistaken for feminism.
Many male cartoon characters are sexists assholes
by meg February 19, 2005
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a male penis
hey bitch get on the floor and i'll beat you with my frumpy
by meg January 10, 2004
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An album by Green day
dude i just listened to the shinanigans album by greenday
by meg March 05, 2005
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pee pee hard-on; when a man has an erection; also know as a boner
OMG! Did u just see that guy's pho?
by meg March 18, 2005
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