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The pacific-islander word for "pussy."
All guys want to do now is chase punani.
by Meeee April 24, 2003

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fucked up beyond all recognition
used in saving private ryan
by mEeEe April 07, 2004

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To beat with a club or other blunt object
She wouldn't suck my dick so i bludgeoned her wiht my cock.
by MEEEE July 28, 2003

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Cannot tolerate. It's a word used by singaporeans.
- You are such a pain in the ass. I can't tahan you!
- I can't tahan this pain anymore.
by meeee March 17, 2005

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Very sexy chick that used to be on Law and Order Special Victims Unit.
Yeah. She's one sexy beast.
by meeee February 16, 2005

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a bird with only one foot
jeez with those crutches she looks like a delta pelican
by meeee November 11, 2002

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the best jew buddy everrrr
kories jewish. isn't that awesome? =P
by meeee January 28, 2005

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