Punani, a nickname for a vagina.
She was a Punani Tsunami!
by JPKAL October 23, 2017
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the most pleasant sounding nickname for the vagina.
Your punani is bea-u-ti-ful!
by christina b. May 29, 2005
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The pacific-islander word for "pussy."
All guys want to do now is chase punani.
by Meeee April 24, 2003
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Hot and tasty pussy - obviously of a chick, female.
Cmon' girl, give me some of that fine punani.
by marZ88 November 18, 2009
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female genatalia, hot chick
she is one hot punani, as used in modern day south africa
by bob mcgee May 18, 2005
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Another word for a vagina, a term which is used in a silly tone.

Pronounced: poo-nan-ee
Person 1: Hehehe, punani.

Person 2: Yeah, lol.
by nunChaKu May 5, 2007
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