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Contrary to popular belief, this was not invented by Gwen Stefani. She wrote the song in response to a music journalist who made some catty remarks about how Gwen was a cheerleader in high school.
'I heard that u were talking sh!t and you didn't think that i would hear it'...
A hollaback girl is one of the backup, inferior cheerleaders. She was not one of those, but the leader.
'we both wanna be the winner but there can only be one'
Gwen Stefani was merely saying that yes, she was a cheerleader, but she was a damn good one!
'I ain't no hollaback girl fool, i'm the leader!'
by me old fruity July 25, 2005

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what u get the morning after eating spicy foods, especially indian or spicy mexican cuisine. It burned in your mouth, it burned in your stomach, and it burns your sphincter.
'aw man, i wish i hadn't had that vindaloo last night. I have an acute case of ring sting, and i've been sitting on this toilet for an hour'
by me old fruity September 08, 2005

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talented and fit (but my gosh don't he know it) producer/singer from virginia. huge experience as a producer,one half of legendary producers the neptunes, part of star trak and also one third of band N*E*R*D (No One Ever Really Dies.)
he has an incredible amount of projects. not satisfied with producing the likes of:
beyonce, britney spears, ludacris, kelis, clipse, fam-lay, nelly, jay-z, snoop dogg and even missy elliot to name just a few (he once produced 60% of the chart) he also has his own clothing line, Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) and shoe range (Ice Creams.)
could probably charm any woman on this earth and he knows it! lucky sod.
'do ya think that u can f*ck with we, star trak, and BBC, n*****r?'- pharrel feat on Snoop Dogg 'It Blows My Mind'

'see these ice cubes, see these ice creams?'- Pharrel and Snoop Dogg 'Drop It Like Its Hot'

'just as long as we got the same thing running through our veins, you and i, we are both the same'- breakout
by me old fruity August 05, 2005

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anal sex, and the prelude to an amusing rhyme which kids at school write on each others textbooks to get their friends in trouble:
up the bum, no harm done!

with a thumb, twice as fun!
with ya mum, watch me cum!
by me old fruity September 30, 2006

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crazy people. you know, the ones that stand on street corners wearing foil round their heads jabbering on that the government is intercepting their thoughts.
'thats the third time today that someone has thrown a cat at me. are the fruit loops on day release fromn the funny farm or something?'
by me old fruity September 14, 2005

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Large town in the Midlands UK. Could be so nice if it tried, however it is infested by chavs.
It is characterised by huge estates, rubbish bus services and dismal nightclubs that get closed down and have to change their name. It is absolutely true that there is not much to do at night in Redditch. Your best bet is chicago rock cafe, if you don't mind 5 mile queues.
Never, ever drive unprepared into redditch. You WILL get lost, all the roundabouts look identical. At best, you'll emerge, a gibbering wreck, somewhere near Alvechurch. At worst, you'll drive round Churchill for all eternity...
by me old fruity May 16, 2006

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A ringtone created by satans very own spawn, Jamster. Not content with ripping off the sound from something called 'the insanity test', they created a hellish blue frog that for some mysterious reason had a tiny shrivelled blue wang, which becomes all the more confusing when you learn that frogs don't actually have wangs.

Do not underestimate just how irritating this er, 'phenomenon' is. If they played this, on loop, at 120 decibels, over the hills of afghanistaan, Bin Laden would come running out of hiding after just 5 minutes offering total surrender and some free dirt on Saddam to boot.
on chavs however, it has no effect.
i would like to feed the crazy frog microwave popcorn kernels, nuke it, and watch the fallout land smack bang on jamster headquarters! B-ding ding ding ding SPLAT
by me old fruity June 29, 2006

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