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National Union of Students. Join and you get a free card that gets you 20% off at pizza hut, 10% at hmv and uh...thats pretty much it.
bouncers don't accept nus cards as id because its easy for 16 yr olds to lie on the application form
by me old fruity August 03, 2005

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1. a bizzarre sexual practice involving smearing shit on your partner's top lip after anal sex, see dirty sanchez
2. same as above, but done as a practical joke, usually whilst someone is sleeping/passed out etc. turd applied may or may not be human. the person wakes up to a most fragrant aroma.
slimy perv: fancy a shitlip tonight?
your daughter: okay!!!

Matt: haha look we just totally shitlipped joey with that dog crap we found outside!
joey: what..uh..how long was i out for? and uh, whats that smell?
by me old fruity August 12, 2005

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ugliest car known to man. looks somewhere between a blob, an alien and that fat girl that never got asked to dance at parties so just sits in the corner giving her prettier friend evil eye. nissan are responsible for this 6 seater monstrosity.
my ex at NEC Motor Show to prospective buyers of Multipla: leave it alone, its fat and ugly.
me: snigger.
by me old fruity August 02, 2005

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what you say when you are beyond hungry. only to be said if you are so hungry, you truly believe you really could eat a buttered frog.
a: hey wanna get some maccy d's?
b: nah i'm not hungry.
a: not hungry? i could eat a buttered frog!
by me old fruity August 31, 2006

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something snoop dogg used as an insult on doggy-fizzle televizzle, to much amusement.
go catch a fish!...bitch!
by me old fruity September 10, 2006

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a rolex. not just a dogg-ism, used by Da Brat much earlier.
'where my rolley wearing thugs who, claim they don't love u, but anytime u want somethin done they do it!'- Thats What I'm Looking For
by me old fruity August 16, 2005

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a crowbar.

thats it!
I was a bit short on cash, so i helped myself to a dvd player from the house down the road, letting myself in with my scouse key.
by me old fruity May 16, 2006

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