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The person who never has money to smoke weed but need to get high somehow. So when your grinder is left unattended, the person will free-base all the keef left in the catcher in attempts to get high. keef goblins think that they are not doing much damage but that keef culd have been sprinkled on a blunt. fucking assholes.
wur the fuck did my keef go! i had a shitload, fucking keef goblins!
by mc rb April 29, 2007

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something that fucks dust up!
that dirt devil is a real dust buster!
by mc rb May 02, 2007

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when you are extremely fucked up and you do your laundry.
damn i have shit loads of laundry to do i have to be the black out mode laundry man tonight.
by mc rb April 20, 2007

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A person of the opposite sex that is neither extremely good looking nor extremely fugly. The term "wrist twist" was dervived from the motion of your hand when you twist your wrist back and forth indicating that something is mediocre.
joel: you think that chick is hot?
bean: nah man, shes just a wrist twist.
by mc rb April 25, 2007

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when you are shatter faced and you already know that you will not remember anytihng you do in the morning thus being already "blacked-out" but still conscience, just extremely fucked up. Usually one is vomiting and trying to pick up fat chicks.
me im in black-out mode i tihnk uhh shot me one more?
by mc rb March 20, 2007

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when one has reached "black-out mode" by consuming so much alcohol or other mind altering substances and nonsense rambling and chunks of vomit are the only thing you can spew out of your mouth.
dog, pat is fucking shatter-faced yo.
by mc rb March 20, 2007

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Founded by the infamous Ryan Bean of C Town, Michigan. A "beanstalk" is a large amount of alcohol taken all at once. To a casual drinker a beanstalk could put you out for the night but for Ryan or anyone from C Town, a 2-3 beanstalks will get them drunk. Usually a normal glass (not a shot glass) is filled anywhere from 35%-100% full of 5 o clock vodka. If the liquer in the glass is not 5 o clock vodka then you are just drinking a shit load of liquer but no beanstalk was taken. In order to perform beanstalks properly, only 5 o clock vodka can be used. A normal beanstalk can get up to about 4-5 shots in one, but are heard to reach levels of 8-9 at one time.
Warning: Beanstalks are not for the sociol drinker, slam a bean stalk if your down to go to black out town.

by mc rb April 24, 2007

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