34 definition by maximo hudson

A leech, a mooch, a drain on one's finances. A male significant other who needs periodic bailing out.
After paying for dinner yet again, Samantha wished there was a bad bank that would take over her toxic boyfriend.
by maximo hudson January 28, 2009

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A lighthearted way of asking someone if an ongoing problem has yet been addressed. From a question asked President Barack Obama by his daughter, Malia, in regard to the disastrous 2010 British Petroleum / Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
"Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?" the farmer's wife asked her husband after he came back from trying yet again to get the neighbor's horses out of the cornfield.
by maximo hudson May 27, 2010

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A furry feline friend who enjoys getting the area immediately preceding it's tail whacked much harder than one would imagine enjoyable.
God love him, but Little Marquis was definitely a smack cat, as evidenced by his purring while being given a rather vigorous series of whacks just in front of his tail and then asking for more.
by maximo hudson June 28, 2009

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A middle-aged individual's self-description when feeling old beyond their years
Fifty may seem young to you, now that you've turned forty-five, but I'm telling you, with my bad teeth, and back, and all the pain in my joints, my fifty is the new eighty.
by maximo hudson June 27, 2009

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A creative meal using whatever ingredients one has at hand in order to make it till one has more money and/or food stamps.
Mom's buttered tabouli salad mix rice con chocolate chip burrito was a classic of cupboard surprise, combining the necessity of eating with the availability of what we had on hand.
by maximo hudson May 23, 2009

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Making the system work for you. This may include taking home office supplies, sending out mail for free, or running your own business from work. Also known as bumpin da grind.
With his low salary and absolutely no benefits, Will realized he was never going to make it in his current job unless he began looking after his own needs and stated bumping the grind .
by maximo hudson February 05, 2009

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An brief electronic shout-out to a friend or family member when one is time-challenged - in order to at least touch base. From electronic + holla. Similar in its construction to e-mail (electronic + mail). An e-holla might also be considered a quick response to e-mail or other form of electronic communication. See holla-back.
I hadn't seen my sister for a while so I texted her a little e-holla on my way to the airport.
by maximo hudson June 11, 2009

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