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The sudden flinch followed by a head rush caused by the euphoric feeling of ejaculation. this is less common in crappy, boring sex.
wow, it was so good i got the shivers
by MATTYFUN August 08, 2004

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Hater of love
every body needs some body to love before it's too late
by MATTYFUN June 21, 2004

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French for Punk, cracker, bitch
man 1: "You see larry over, there?"

man 2: "Yeah, what an o'fay!"
by mattyfun January 12, 2004

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The funniest poster on this site.
Come Back TruthSpeaker. you made me laugh fuckin hard
by MATTYFUN September 07, 2004

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the act of giving one a rim job
ho, give me an rj
by mattyfun January 08, 2004

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1. a loose (single) ciggarette.

2. oral sex
1. "I found a loosey in my backpack"

2. "bitch, give me some loosey!"
by MATTYFUN March 10, 2004

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