Anyone who dislikes junior b

If y’all don’t fuck wit junior b then You’s a hater, just saying
She doesn’t like junior b, or atleast she claims to not like him, she’s a hater

If you got a problem with junior b, then you’re a hater

Once a hater ALWAYS a hater
by SoBsubsidiary> August 25, 2022
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People that just hate on other people for no reason just to make themselves feel good and to make that person feel miserable when that person was trying to be nice and also when people are just stating their opinion in a non-mean way but people just take it the wrong way and start hating on you.
Just ignore the haters! Haters gonn hate

Stfu you hater
by UrbanSky February 14, 2016
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A label that some people apply to anyone who disagrees with them on any subject. Such name calling is designed to discourage critical and independent thinking, and prevent full inspection of bogus ideas and beliefs. Use of the term hater is rampant on the internet.
The commenter that just wouldn't accept my presentation of the cold hard fact that the US government was behind the attacks on the World Trade Center towers was just a hater.
by Melinda Mackenzie October 18, 2013
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A word that used someone who would go to extreme lengths to showcase their dissaproval of something. In recent times this meaning has changed to apply to anyone with a negative opinion.

It can also be compared to the word troll and it's new meaning.
Previous meaning


Person 2: Stop being a hater.


Person 1: Have you heard the new eminem song, it's epic!

Person 2: I don't really like eminem because...

Person 1: HATER!!!!!!!
by The realest gamer October 27, 2011
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a word that is endlessly thrown around alot but people will never get to the source of the problem with the way they treat it. a hater is a person who hates a person for no apparent reason, and when you ask them, they cant explain why they hate you without sounding like a complete douche. what a hater is NOT, is a person who is just giving an insight or opinion or some discretionary criticism, without holding angry feelings on a personal level, and has a LEGITIMATE REASON to criticize.
the word "hater" has become a censorship discouraging critical thinking and encouraging conformity. this is a political issue if anything
by Metallurgy September 12, 2008
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A HATER is specific type of jealousy person.

Jealousy is an emotion that must people don’t openly admit to unless it’s in reference to a romantic relationship; one that a lover is in or wants to be in.

A hater’s form of jealousy is an immediate emotional trigger to an otherwise concealed insecurity... the person who cause this trigger is the object of the haters hate.

The emotional complexity that this type of jealousy causes is due to fact that the trigger hasn’t usually done anything other than shown up.

Or in the ironic case of 6M Africans who where transported via the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade by white colonizer who capitalize on the strengths of their triggers... lol. SLAVE-HOLDERS JEALOUSY was systemically translated into an institutionalized mechanism that whites still use to subjugate an block Africans natural beauty and abilities. Slave-Holders and their descendants still propagate a negative narrative about the traits they said they hated and felt were ugly & stupid but deep down wanted all along.
If African Americans realize that the cause of the racism they experience was institutionalized Hater jealousy they would gain a better grip on how to eliminate it from their lives.
by Coolcandle August 26, 2019
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The most non-insulting "insult" in existence. It's a waste of breath to say it and a waste of energy to type it. This term is often used by pre-teen girls whenever someone insults their favorite teeny bopper singers. If you ever call somene a hater, find the nearest knife and use it pierce your lungs for polluting our air with that fucking stupid word.
Smart person: "Justin Bieber has no talent"

Pre-teen girl: "lik3 oMG fuk offf u hater ! !!"

Smart person: "Kill yourself"
by Damien616 March 31, 2011
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