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a pontiac sunfire has less air resistance than a stealth bomber.

sporty car made by gm with a spoiler on the back.
by jd February 19, 2005
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A sporty car made by Pontiac. Very similar to the Chevy Cavalier in terms of interior and parts. Available as a 2- or 4-door coupe, GT, or convertible. Gets good gas mileage, but bad insurance rates.
"My Sunfire looks a lot cooler than your ugly Cavalier."
by clam January 08, 2005
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Recently came across these innacurate definitions for Sunfire. I can tell you and prove to you they are false and these two shitbags never owned one. In fact, I bet they never even drove one considering the false reviews. One of the shitbags Im referring to here is 'Kev'.
His definition is probably the most fake pile of bullshit ever.

Truth: Yes this car has been discontinued but for the price you cant go wrong. I owned one for years now and I never once had a problem with it.

Lie: 'Piece of crap car to attract students with little or no money'- I had to laugh at this one. When I bought this car I had over 200,000 dollars in cash at age 22. I still bought it. Not only that but I also have an expensive import and a japanese car.
Another Lie: breaks down on a regular basis- couldnt be further from the truth, mine never broke down. I wonder where he's getting his judgements & information from. Since he never owned one or did he? How much do you want to bet he couldnt afford it and hes making up fake definitions?
12-15000 and yes thats correct and I payed for mine in cash.
Lie: After insurance and repair bills it will end up costing them more than if they bought a well manufactured car. WRONG, so far I never spent hardly anything on repairs, never once had a problem with it and the insurance was great.
Stupidity: 'If you own one sell it to your enemy'- I will sell it to one of the people who keep begging me for it since they see what a reliable sporty car it is and all want it for themselves and i'll be comforted in the fact there will be no problems with it.

Kev, if your definition is accurate why is the richest kid in town driving one? Plus 2 other cars. I think somebodys jealous.
Kev's definition of Sunfire is an inaccurate pile of bullshit
I can afford ten of what you drive Kev, that is, if you even drive at all.
I guess thats why you got so many thumbs down,eh?
by theclv September 23, 2006
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A compact car with an awesome performance, a sleek sporty look, and a great interior design. Although the room in the rear seat is rather limited, this car makes an excellent choice for anyone who wants great performance combined with good comfort and a decent price.
This editor drives a 1997 Sunfire, and though he already had a couple of mechanical failures, that's because his car is rather old and battered: 10 years and 54000 miles (87500 km). Putting these user-specific details aside, this car has a great reliability and an amazing performance: this editor has managed to outrun a Civic, a Jetta, a Sentra and an Accord without much problem.
by Acoyani Garrido Sandoval June 09, 2007
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A car bought for $2100 that is 12 years old with 162,000 miles and still runs fine, using hardly any gas or oil, though the breaks jerk when they are wet, a good buy that gets you out of driving friends everywhere because no one wants to sit in the backseat
"Wow, I haven't gotten gas in two months."
"You must drive a Sunfire."
by dr.horriblelover October 25, 2009
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One of many POS cars that GM makes.
Man my Sunfire looks sporty but it can't get out of it's own way, WTF..
by Bite me November 24, 2002
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Piece of crap car made by General Motors to attract college students with little or no money (or mom and dad's money) and also 20 year old moms and dads (also with little to no money) looking to start a family. They decide buy a cheap car that is made with cheap parts and breaks down on a regular basis thinking that they will be saving money, but after insurance and repair bills they will be spending more money than if they bought a solid, well manufactured, car. Any car that retails new for $12,000 CAN is obviously an example of poor quality manufacturing.
If you own a Sunfire you should sell it to your enemy.
by Kev23 September 29, 2005
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