Wow, that;s a really fat bird
Like a Bird-Orb
by opaattack July 21, 2015
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Contraction of “bad orb”. Often used to refer to Meta Knight.
You edgy, edgy borb.
by masokitsune August 29, 2018
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Bob and Rob combined backwards (#Nohomo)

Derives from Swedish Björb

He often may be friends with a dingus, a lad, who is often too horny to concentrate on his math homework.

He often will be in a sturdy relationship with a gal who goes by the name Julie
Borb be looking hella fresh today my knee gear is on that no shave life grind fr

by Maximilidaddy November 18, 2019
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Someone who acts pissed out of their mind and speaks inadvertent words such as 'Aaaa' or 'BARG!' but is actually completely sober.
'It's 10am you borb'
by Mysterious Assailant February 27, 2008
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Abbreviation of ''bad orb''
''Bad orb''


''I am no borb...''
by NussTheGod March 18, 2018
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