29 definition by marissa

To love jay backwards and forwards
yajevoli so much
by Marissa August 18, 2003

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To show somebody that you truly care about them, and that you think they are the one.
I love my husband very much.
by Marissa March 25, 2005

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It ain't Xactly urban but I'm down wit it. Religicon = religious conservative. Simple.
I woke up early today becuz somebody rang my doorbell and I thought it was UPS, but it was just a bunch of religicons tryin to convert me to Jeezus.
by Marissa July 22, 2004

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when you are very hungry, "fucking hungry"..kind of taken from the form of "fucking ugly" fugly
damn i am soo fungry right now!!
by marissa October 21, 2004

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its when your girl says that ur disgustin cuz she dun like tha man u fuckin!! lmao!!
You: Hey baby, guess?
Her: What?
You: I'm wit _______ again
Her: Thats ascusting!!

by Marissa October 11, 2004

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when you lose your brain and start acting hyper and crazy!
My spazzy friend Hailey!
by Marissa January 16, 2004

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Has means a manly girl, basically a dyke.
That chick in softball is such a has!
by Marissa June 09, 2004

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