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A young, attractive woman married to an older, more powerful man.

His role in the relationship is to be her sugar daddy and provide her with power and material wealth. Hers, beyond providing sex, is to remind others that he is powerful or rich enough to be desirable to such a woman despite his age and thus to serve as a marker of this status -- hence the "trophy" part. A specialized type of gold digger.
My asshole ex-husband went out and got himself a trophy wife as soon as he made partner.
by Marissa May 11, 2004

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The extremely talented, extremely hott singer of one of the best bands out there, the strokes. Jules is half spanish and half danish, and has the most gorgeous eyes in the world. He's a great live performer; with his raspy vocals and increadable stage-ora. Julian is by far one of the sexiest perfomers of there, if not the most.
Julian Casablancas is my lover. Yeah, you heard me. Back off!
by Marissa January 03, 2004

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one of the nicest guys ever. Is known for slow-dancing with fans on thier birthday, and even giving someone $50 for a cab ride home. Is increadibly goreous and very sweet.
Fab brings the rock.
by marissa April 23, 2004

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An amazing band from NYC, which brought back the fun and timeless sounds of the 70's and 80's. Totally awesome....... And it helps that they are really hott too:)
The Strokes rock my sox and everyone that thinks they suck can fuck off.
by Marissa January 03, 2004

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"we need some tunage"
by marissa November 09, 2003

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some thing that is really awesome.. but what i cant remember mine.. its a time when everything around you stops. its magical and romantic. but.. if it goes wrong it can be very slobery and sloppy. lol
my first kiss was a long time ago i dont really remember it.. but i do remember it was something ill never forget
by marissa March 11, 2004

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The best way of saying sexy.

Derives from my friends called MCMCJ and Chelley.
I look so sessi in nothing.
by Marissa June 25, 2004

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