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less than 11 feet but more than 9 feet, a foot being a collection of twelve inches, as measured on a nonmetric ruler

not to be confused with a foot, the appendage at the end of the human leg

some say that the derivative the measurement of a foot comes from measuring the king's foot in olden days, but at some point this had to be simplified, as monarchy was abolished, and measuring human feet was deemed too irregular
by maia June 28, 2004

of or relating to an entity whom is quite and more on action rather than words.
dude.. your friend is so taoist. Tell him to speak up.
by maia December 5, 2003
Maia is a fucking dirty STD carrying whore
by maia January 25, 2004
A book or notebook that a person keeps their dark and/or graphic thoughts, plans, fantasies, or records in, usually having to do with self harm or suicide
1"I've been cutting myself again, I need to write that down in my red book"

2"I am going to plan my suicide, I should write my ideas in my red book"

3"oh man, I hope my mom didn't find my red book, she'll know all my suicidal thoughts"
by maia February 5, 2019