A title given to someone who surpasses all levels of greatness. The greatest award ever given. If someone is given the status of "Herr", they instantly morph into the *Almighty Loaf*. All but the great lord Herr Angenommen can fight off the *Almighty Loaf*.

Jeff: "You have been given the status of 'Herr' Joe..."
Joe: "Ohhhh shiiii-" *morphs into *Almighty Loaf*
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Beers, either bottled or canned
"Hey, can get get me a herr from the fridge."
"What are we drinking tonight? You got any herrs."
by Robbis McGuillity February 22, 2008
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To ‘Herr’ is to take control of a bad situation, turn the fucking ship around and produce miracles.
We thought all hope was lost, but then Sam Herr-Ed us out of trouble again!
by Panthers Banter January 11, 2020
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The pronunciation of the word "Here" by someone with country grammar semantics.
"It's so hot in herre."
"So hot in...so hot in herre."
by andoo November 6, 2003
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Synonym to the word Here. Apparently Hoocd On fonics dun good fer nelly
Ay yo, i'm herre dawg, lets slam this shit
by A white punk kid August 27, 2003
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referring to the place in which you are currently (i.e. "here")
as in: it's gettin' hot in herr

see also her (definition #2)
by sslgb4 February 9, 2005
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