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emoticons styled to resemble the super-deformed expressions of characters in Japanese animation*.

*better known as Anime to their fans.
I'm so happy ^___^;

I'm so sad .___.

I'm tired as f*ck x___x

"that guy's gotta be one of those animu freaks..."

"why do you say that?"

"he uses those animoticons in chat.."


"well I'm a jerk and a self-loathing closet geek of different stuff so I have to point that out."

by madaoxsama March 14, 2010

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An act, typically by extremely extroverted social climbers that involves the filling of a void in their social lives and/or social circle with a person(s).

**In most cases this requires the replacement (whether it be temporary or permanent) to emulate at least 3 core traits of the original spot-holder.
Socialite #1
"so I heard through the grapevine Jenna is hanging out with that Skylar chick now that her and Kelly had a falling out...whats up with that...she said she hated her and thought she was fake bitch...?"

Socialite #2
"well, you know how it is...social outsourcing: For those times you and your bffs (see: best friend for show) break up and you need someone to fill the void--post haste
and for very cheap!"

"..also she likes the same pretentious indie/dance bands, and is a superficial fashion obsessed bitch too...go figure. They should've been besties from the start"

Socialite #1
"yeah..well...we hate people who remind us of ourselves."

Socialite #2
"true indeed, mate...but it's mostly self-loathing F'kin hipsters. *swigs from a bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon*"

Socialite #1
"rightly said. btw....aren't we american?"
by madaoxsama February 12, 2010

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1.) A dismal truth often laced by melodrama

2.) A immature/bitter/ not-thought-about-before-spoken, utterance, typically by someone who possibly should have been an abortion (for them and the world's sake).

3.) a hyperbolized fortune telling done by a pallid, black donning, fukko who claims to know the future
lame person: life has no meaning...its so...abysmal

person whose life sucks but still tries: it sucks...in intervals...the meaning is to just find some..find what makes you happy and shit..

lame person: you find your purpose...but then what? thats temporary....

person whose life sucks but still tries: eh....well thats a Cold, Goth Truth...<mumbles underbreath> kill yourself.

lame person: huh? what'd you say?

person...: huh? what?
by MadaoxSama September 30, 2009

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male term meaning to masturbate.
guy 1: what the shit- what took you so long? fappin?

guy 2: eh..no. only tiny peckered fools "fap" I was Slappin' the bass.

guy 1: touche.
by MadaoxSama September 30, 2009

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A very extreme version of "beer goggles".

when a person who wears corrective lenses or glasses is -not- wearing them and is drunk and people become drastically more attractive and even look like wholly different people altogether.
guy 1: OMG I slept with who?!

guy 2: with insert name of mildly unattractive person...I couldn't believe it either.

guy 1: I knew I should've put on my glasses after I took my contacts off at our party...he must've went through the transformation chamber. I though I got laid by some chick who looked like Liv Tyler...

guy 2: hah...if only. you know, they say vanity is a killer.
by MadaoxSama September 25, 2009

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When the world is forced to move their clocks forward an hour, for a generally unknown reason. Mostly, to piss off people who value sleep and not being at work or school.
"ugh...I gotta turn my alarm clock forward..god damn daylight saving time..."

"I know! it's more like Daylight's raping time, for real, for real."

by Madaoxsama March 14, 2010

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A person socially outsourced (see definition) but mainly for the sake of jealousy, intrigue, or narcissistic supply.
Socialite #1
"wow...did you see Greg buddy-buddy with that guy he barely met at the wedding last night?"

Socialite #2
"its just a BFFS (best friend for show), man.

Socialite #1
"yeah...that makes me really sad because he used to be my best friend, before I f'd his gf...so... I'm going to flame him, now. Did you know one time he...."
by madaoxsama February 12, 2010

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