Socialite = No-talent Sex Video Making Tramp
Kim Kardashian & Paris Hiton are Socialites - No-talent sex video making tramps
by Hobbitwhores December 13, 2013
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The title was given to whores, hoes, and Golddiggers who fake it to make it. They use social parties to build a reputation.
That "sponsored" Socialite sure gets around and will do anything to get to the top.
by Temecula Sucks Don't Move Here November 16, 2021
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A person who is rich and pretty.
Examples: Marilyn Monroe, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian
Camilla: Omg, we are so pretty!
Jasmina: Ikr. That's why we're the socialites!
Emma: Marilyn Monroe has nothing on us because she's ugly and we're pretty!
Helena: Hey girls, did you get the latest Playboy issue? Because I was in it!
by Betty Jo October 17, 2018
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A rich bitch who parties too damn much.
The socialite girls went out for yet another night of dancing, drinking, and snorting coke.
by John Big July 20, 2005
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A person with an unwarranted sense of self importance, who's either rich and does nothing bunch show up at parties and other events thrown and for stuck up assholes. Socialites, like every girl who calls herself a fashionista; with tryhard to convince you what they do is important when really they don't do anything that isn't filled with nothing but vapid bs. Rich socialites don't do shit, they live of of other peoples money (Paris Hilton) and do nothing but pride themselves on partying and socializing with other societal cancers, and people who actually do shit. Poor socialites are sychophants who kiss the asses of the rich and popular and hope that their shit will fall into their hands. Poor socialites try to portray posh, but are actually bottom feeders with even more severe self delusion.
Rebecca calls herself a socialite.
She works at forever 21 at day, but spends her nights kissing the ass of, and trying to align herself with celebrities.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI February 17, 2012
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Similar to Queen Bee.... We socialites often have money to spare and are always the life of the party. You'd never think of not inviting us, whether you know us well or not. We have everything, and we basically own you. When we enter a room, or the cafeteria for that matter, everyone stops to stare at us. Whether it's negative or positive comments, we own your minds, and we like the attention. You may say, "Oh I don't like her blah blah," but in actuality, you just wish you were us. lol...
"Look at Alexis. She is so awesome."--person1
"OMG. She is such a total whore"--person2
"You and I both know you're just jealous. You're the whore. You totally dated Dalton because you are so desprate and you wear way too much concealer on your face. Your hair is always so nasty looking"--person1
"OMG. You are so not cool."--person2
by The Plastics April 12, 2005
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Those who talk to erybody at a party and go out of their way to make sure they talk to ERYBODY!
Nick K. proved himself to be a socialite as he stepped around Aaron, who he had already spoken to earlier in the evening, and went to talk to Amanda.
by BuddahMayne September 26, 2010
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