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Hey There is a new online code out,kind of like g2g or brb.
This one is the same...just a little bit different. you all knowhow it feels when you're talking to someone online, and our mom or dad is standing right behind you, ready every word that appears on the screen. Then of,course the person swears or talks about how much you love your crush or something and your mum reads it and tells you to get offline that instant and not talk to that person anymore. Well, what we can we do about that? To solve this problem, now we have started the 'code 9' system. In code 9, you simply press the number ''9'' when your parent or sibling is watching over you shoulder as you type. The person you're talking to will know what your talking about, and begin a conversation on homework or something. When your parent or sibling leaves, press ''99'' to let the person know that they are gone,so you can begin a normal conversation again. Please send this to everyone you know so that Code 9 can begin to go into effect.
J:oh fuck he
J:oh so what you doing
by m-t-j February 04, 2008

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the police they are called this because they do there rounds one time then they are murdered
one tym won't go round the block
by m-t-j February 04, 2008

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a gay mutiplayer game where you have cut wood it is really addictive do not play i was addicted for 3 years and spend loads of money on it
you were on runescape all night
by m-t-j December 11, 2007

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the ps3 is one of da gayest, and overprices consoles in world history. if u call some one ps3 u would be calling them gay
"your so PS3 it makes carlito look un-ps3"
by M-T-J July 01, 2007

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gay men and women who listen to heavy metal and suck each others blood like vampires and get togther in groups of 30 and dance naked and have sex
you were such a punk rocker last night
by m-t-j December 11, 2007

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