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can be groups or "packs" of people, most commonly high-school students, who are defined by the music they listen to, the clothes they wear, the hobbies they undertake etc. Think typical stereotypes such as emos, punks, goths, sluts, preps, geeks and the like. Each clique will often have a definitive style of clothing, music, hobby etc. Over time, the terms may become overused and this results in people having misconceptions about each of the said groups, or automatically classifying someone as a memeber of the group just because of what they choose to listen to, wear, or do.
Cliques and their (over the top? negative?) labels: Emos cut themselves and cry over the littlest things. Punks are rebels. Goths wear black. Sluts f*** anything that moves. Preps wear collared shirts and knee-high white socks. Geeks sit in the library all day.
by littleblackdress35 October 29, 2007

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xox (a.k.a. kiss, hug, kiss) spelt phonetically.
xox or ex oh ex?
by littleblackdress35 August 12, 2008

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Basically another way to say sex. Probably most often used when the little ones are around, or when you just don't want to say the word sex. Some people may see it as implying that sex is dirty.
Me: Nah...haven't done the dirty yet, I'm not legal.

(Yes, I would actually say that if you asked. And no, that does not mean when I turn sixteen that I will straight away.)
by littleblackdress35 June 28, 2008

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What people said I have. I never knew what it was 'til I read the first definition. Apparently it's a good thing :)
So I have a swayback...that's why it looks like my stomach and a*** stick out!
by littleblackdress35 August 12, 2008

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Quite possibly one of the best games in the world, regardless of your ability or knowledge of the rules.
Beach cricket + camping = good times...just make sure someone chucks a bat in one of the cars before you leave the house. The sticks you find at the beach might not cut it.
by littleblackdress35 August 08, 2008

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A matter of personal taste.
Me on fluoro: ...Thanks, but no thanks.

*in my head* I wouldn't be caught dead in it.
by littleblackdress35 August 08, 2008

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