a way of saying a polite no!
Thanks can be used to show approval. It could also be used to avoid doing sth undesirable and hence a No-Thanks.
Smith: How would you like to hang out with Lisa and Jane.
You: Thanks, but no thanks. I hate that fat chicks man!
by codbase May 15, 2009
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When you want to emphasize something wonderful you did, that you didn't really do.

Sarah Palin:
I told congress about that bridge to no where, "Thanks, but no thanks!" Then I took the money.

you: Wow, good job, Sarah
by seymore1970 September 17, 2008
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"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you" can be defined as when Mr. Ben Phillips has had enough of everyone being loud and a GaY CuNt
"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you" is defined as:
Ben Phillips walks in - the class is talking

"Thank you" x1 - Shut up
"Thank you" x2 - Shut the f*ck up
"Thank you" x3 - Shut the f*ck up or i'll throw you out the f*cking star jasmine
"Thank you" x4 - Ben Phillips proceed's to throw some arrogant sl*t out the f*cking star jasmine
by Ben take it up Phillips August 20, 2019
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a reciprocation of thanks. thanking the thanker, for the thank just received.

also known as "Thanking the thank".
Hey, thanks for all of your help with the yard work!

No no no, thank you.. ;)

One may thank the thank for ulterior purposes..
An innocent, yet bold move in the world of MILFs and MILF Hunting. A polite power move to promote intimacy and hidden agendas.
by MrStealUrGirlGC September 1, 2011
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Term that applies when one hastily responds to a thanks with a thank you turning an otherwise pleasant conversation into an awkward one.
Debbie the cashier: Seventy-five cents is your change, come back soon thanks.

You: Thank you!

Thanks, Thank You
by Scoot McGoot December 10, 2009
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