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When somebody is constantly reloading his gun in a game, mostly in FPS shooters like Call of Duty, to make sure he/she doesn't run out of bullets in close quarters combat, even though his clip is almost entirely full.

Somebody that has a reloaddiction (aka "reloadaholic") doesn't care how much time the process of reloading will take, nor if it's necessary, nor if it puts them in danger of getting killed. A reloadaholic will never walk with a gun without a fully loaded clip.
(one guy playing CoD, other one's watching)

Guy2: Holy shit dude, I just saw three guys going around the corner, get them!

Guy1: Hold on, gotta reload first

Guy2: Your clip is almost full, just get them before you lose them!

(Guy1 gets killed)

Guy2: You stupid shit. You got a serious reloaddiction, you know that?

Guy1: ..yeah so..??
by lifeislikeadicegame December 06, 2010
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