A person with this name is proud, witty and kind. They have a way with words and are deep thinkers. Able to do great things if they don't let themselves get in their way. Artistic, creative and full of energy, passion and life. The best of friends. Be their biggest fan and watch them do great things.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Delano, CA
by DNA1 February 3, 2010
I always knew he was a great guy but after seeing him in his gym shorts. I realized he was a Delano
by theodorehuxtable December 20, 2016
The only man in this world able to be handsome which can receive any girl he wants
by Delano Thomas ,THE GREAT April 21, 2019
Once I saw him in his gym shorts during PE I knew he was a Delano
by sexyman0131 March 13, 2017
me: omg he is here
my friend: omg ha its delano go askkk him outttt
by someone that everyone knows November 16, 2019
A young man with talents that no one can understand. He begs for attention and to be notice when he seems down. He usually acts rude or mean in person but he cares with all his heart. He's the kinda guy who stays to listen to your stories even if they are dumb. He may seem odd but he'll always cares and loves.
Girl#1: ugh how rude
Boynameddelano:*thinks about how he can help the girl with here issues
by Delano howard December 20, 2018
Noun- The source of the most horrid gut twisting food known to man, located on the grounds of Kings Point it is where midshipmen of the merchant marine receive there nourishment.
Delano has caused USMMA to be a staple atop Princeton reviews list to twenty worst colleges as far as food is concerned. There are reputed cases of the food causing severe cases of the explosive diarrhea, anal leakage, loss of will to live, hair loss, itchiness, loss of sex drive, small penis syndrome, and gastric tension.
The only redeeming quality is that Delano is free for the MIdshipmen of Kings Point.
"There is no toilet paper left in the head, everyone has the shits, fuck delano"

"Dieting is so easy, all I have to do is go into Delano look at what they are serving and I lose my appatite"

"ever since I got back to school and have had to eat a delano I have had the worst flatulence"
by NASTYBUCK November 24, 2008