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The instance of a £15,000/$27,000 event featuring two people taking the fisrt step toward divorce, recieving 12 toasters, dancing to lame Celine Dion songs and eating obscene amounts of cake.
At least one embarrasing drunk is required.
Went to a wedding. Got drunk.
by liastd August 31, 2006
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Sometimes called rape, it is the act of having sex with someone when they are not expecting it.
John gave Janet suprise sex.
"Suprise, sex!"
by liastd November 18, 2006
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1. The only town in Britain to look at Ipswich with envy.

2. Nothing really happens, except pretentious 14-year-old chav wannabees bunk off school.

3. Big port. Without it, lots of British people would probably die.
1. "Yeah, I took the train to Ipswich on Saturday."

2. "Fuck u bruv, I is well gonna merc u up!"

3. I can see Felixstowe's port from my window.
by liastd September 04, 2006
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Gerard Way is lead singer for the American rock band My Chemical Romance.
It is possible to have 4 opinions of him:
1. He is perfect, super talented, inspirational, the messiah, a hero, a genius, a god to whom we should all bow down and worship;
2. He is an annoying whiny emo douchebag queer you want to beat around the head with an iron bar;
3. He is the hottest guy ever you desperately want to fuck and/or orally pleasure;
4. He is some guy from some band you've vaguely heard of, hence why you are looking him up on Urban Dictionary in the first place.
1. "My Chemical Romance saved my life! Gerard Way is my hero!"
2. "Is murder always wrong?"
3. "Lyk zomg Gerard Way iz lyk so totally shmexiiiii!!!"
4. "Oh he's in a band? I knew I'd heard of him on MTV or something."
by liastd January 14, 2007
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Lead singer of the New Jersey rock band My Chemical Romance, also a talented artist, brother of Mikey Way.
He's also very attractive.
I would.
How wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying. - Gerard Way
by liastd August 28, 2006
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The UK is made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Suprisingly, London is not the only city here.
Most people don't really like the Royals much.
Unfortunate it it's location near the French.
Most of its poplutation are decent, reasonable people who are NOT posh.
However, some of its people bitch about immigrants, but those are stupid people. Other stupid people bitch about losing our empire, as if enslaving millions and stealing natural resources was somehow good.
It is NOT culturally the same as the USA, not even close.

On the whole, I'd say it's about the best place you could live.
People from the USA couldn't define the UK properly to save their fucking lives.
by Liastd December 24, 2006
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