a filling of happiness when your with someone. when you look at some and cant take your eyes off them. when someone gives you a felling of butterflies in your stomach.
"did you see that girl Chloe d shes in love <3 with Braydens mom" stayted by bob
"so is isabela!!!!!" responded jullly
by :>>>>> May 9, 2022
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the person i made this abt :). i love u so much <3
"u r my love <3", "and u r mine :)"
by dummy__Ɛ> May 30, 2021
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A trans man named rio who has depression 3 siblings (probably) is bi and poly, has an amazing lover named solar. And his pronouns are he/him/they/them
Omg guys look! It’s jemgay loves me<3!! Let’s go give her a hug because he needs mental help
by Solar on discord July 21, 2022
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Love from a gent that is always going to put you first,never on the side,never in the back,never in the middle,always first.$omeone that would go an extra mile just to put a $mile on your face.$omeone who is gonna hold you down forever.
"I need me some Gang$ter loving >3 from a gent like Olebogeng Mochine"
by THE BOY GEEEZY January 23, 2021
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