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Clumsy person who need to get his/her shit together.
by Dr.Noob December 15, 2016
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'Thye' is the best peanut in the world. He is obsessed with games and loves anime. He is amazing at carnival games and always brings home the big prizes. The greatest brother someone could have.
He sent me a giant stuffed animal through mail! I have such a great Thye!
by Insane.membrane August 12, 2017
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whenyou acciedntly typo the word "the" but you didnt relize so you just krpt on typing but lost a poiunt on your essay for a speling error
Thye bus almost hit Dave but he dodged it at the l;ast second and saved hoimslef and later the whole town
by lol my name is lol December 29, 2018
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