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The colour one becomes when too much fake tan is applied. the controversy often comes when the fake tanned individual believes that they are brown while the viewing audience knows they are ORANGE...
thus, borange is agreed on.
Omg, look at that girl, she is so borange.
If she wasn't so borange i would totally tap that
by Fake tan man February 01, 2007
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1.Borange adj.

Borange is your friend when you need a word for bad post-haste but would rather not use the word bad.
Oooh, you smarty-pants, you! What's wrong with bad eh? Too hoity-toity to use a commoner's word now are we?

Derived from Orange. Borange has now unofficially removed the title of 'Refractory Rhyme' from it's colourful, fruity, towny cousin: Orange. Refractory rhymes, or 'rhymeless words' include the word Month and the colours Silver and Purple.

Thanks to Ross Noble and Terry Psiakis of Triple J, the English language now has another synonym for crapshit and that's always good.


2. Borange
There's a guy from Birmingham who has called himself Borange with a liveJournal here...

3. Borange
It looks like you can buy Borange T-Shirts here...

4. Borange
Borange is apparently a member of the "Pinky Family". I'm not quite sure what that means, but you might, so go here...

5. Borange Collector
Does anyone know who or what the "Borange Collector" is? It involves smurfs and disturbing sentences such as: "Fear him! He lives in the KlivingChen, beneath the stairs! His pith and pips lay strewn on the floor..."
"Your sneakers are borange because they have several Kenny G, Cher and/or Barbara Streisand decals plastered onto them, multiple tassells and poxy Country & Western fringing."

"A Clockwork Borange"
Borange also features in a scanned drawing of a movie parody by someone called Jasmine of linuxGrrls.
See her drawing of A Clockwork Borange here...

Jo-Jo and Lindsay Lohan could safely be chucked in the borange-bin of ultra-super-mega-borangeness.

This sentece is borange because I don't understand it. If I could read French, it would not be borange.

Prenez-à une décharge vous voiture orange mais don't viennent près de moi avec cette cravate orange effrayante de cou ou je frapperai du pied sur vous avec mes grandes initialisations frappant du piedes oranges.
Tubas are borange because they are big and noisy and their use is advocated by that Mayor-Pelican-Man off Neighbours. Violins and flutes are not borange.

If you say the word borange enough, people will stare at you.

Mary-Kate and Ashley are actually triplets, according to Limapalooza. It's Mary, Ashley and Kate. They rotate and put the spare one in the closet when they don't need her. Borange is when no one believes this conspiracy.
by cantStopAddictedToTheShindig January 06, 2005
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When your trying to rhyme a word and you just can't find a word or phrase that rhymes with it. (A word that rhymes with hardly anything).
"I'm trying to start a rap about a thesaurus, but what rhymes with thesaurus? Porous?, for-us?, you are a whore-us? Man it such a borange".
"That's the last time I start a poem about disestablishmentarianism, it's just borange".
by Oliboy456 September 08, 2013
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A radio terminology magically appearing in the psyche of Geordie and Terri describing the simultaneous detriment of stuff.
It is now apparent that Big Kev's in a cave full of crystal and bats. That's just borange.
by Jodi January 04, 2005
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the present tense act of rubbishing someone
watch him as he boranges that boy to tears!
by clayton b January 05, 2005
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This is one of the greatest words in the english language (I mean aussie language) because of it's possible useage.

Implemented by Ross Noble and carried by everyone thanks to Terrie and Triple J COZ Triple J ROCKS.
Great ~ "This stuff is borange!!!"
Shit ~ "This stuff is borange!!!"
by Jazzy G January 07, 2005
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