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to be shit or degenerate. an ugly person of low moral standards
1. when i woke up this morning i felt like zjenkins
2. cheating on my boyfried was a really zjenkins thing to do
by poopoopoopoocacacacaca June 14, 2008
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Used often in the business world, this incredibly versatile phrase can be literally translated as "fuck it."
The client changed the deadline to today? Well, it is what it is.
by A. Danish November 27, 2007
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Gangster operating throughout Kew, Alphington and Ivanhoe with accomplice Damian 'The Don' Pannunzio.
Jenkins is not to be approached and has been banned from The Casino, The MCG, Telstra Dome, and other known high profile places. He has a police record which includes Vandalism, Police Assault, Grand Theft Auto, and Assault. He is the Nemesis of known rapist and Sexual Deviant Pat Dimase, and a gangwar is currently escalating.
person 1 :Man Jenkins is walking this way
person 2 :Just look down, look down
by Larry March 03, 2005
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Zjenkins is partners with the most notorious gangster in the world, DON PANUNZIO. U may not mention his name out aloud because the police have a different name for him. Zjenkins and THE DON go way back. They have been doing hits since they were both little children, with the backing of Carl Williams they have nothin to worry about. The police can not pin anything on THE DON except for the cop flipping incident but THE DON has done his time for that by being under house arrest which he did manage to escape from with the infamous PODRICK aka Coles Hanger aka GWA(gangster with attitde). If u fuck with THE DON u must pay penalties and Podrick also know as THE POD will hunt u down and throw bricks at your cars. If you ever come in contact with THE DON, THE POD and Jzenkins i suggest you ran and call the police. They are heavily armed with eggs and they will not hesitate to egg u.
Coffee shop in Carlton between THE DON and Carl Williams after THE DON helped the Carl escape:
Carl: thanx Don, how can i repay u
THE DON: forget about it. It was nothin
Carl: Well whenever u r under house urest again dont hesitate to hollar
THE DON: no prob. gtg
Carl: where?
THE DON: Oh THE POD is waiting for me at Coles. He needs money for a carton of eggs. This kindergarden kid looked at him funny
Carl: Oh man, dont let him get away with that
THE DON: dw worry Carl, i wont
by ZJENKINS March 02, 2005
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partners in crime with THE DON and has a criminal record. (He once covered an old ladies face with eggs and he laughed). He also carries THE DONS bag for money
- man run away, the Zjenkins is comin with eggs and he has THE DON and THE POD with him
- Dont even look at Zjenkins twice because if u do ur face will be covered with eggs
- oh no, Zjenkins is comin, and looks angry
by ZJENKINS March 03, 2005
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