7 definitions by kujo

When a girl uses the grease from a fast food hamburger as lubricant for a kickin' handjob.
"After eating some White Castle's I turned on some Barry White, lit some candles and that girl gave me quite the hamburgler!"
by kujo December 13, 2004
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Rascist term used to discribe anybody that is oriental.
Chinese food.
by kujo April 23, 2003
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a pimp wit all da grls
man kujo fucked 10 grls last night
by kujo March 4, 2004
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What happens when you've been fiddling with dirty genitals!
by kujo April 23, 2003
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a fat person that talks a lot
man that stupid flabagoggin would not shut up!
by kujo March 10, 2004
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