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a stud
by Kristen October 03, 2003

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To feel on a woman's breasts or buttox; usually when she is not expecting it. Often followed up by a slap in the face.
"Susan was looking so great that I got behind her in line and copped a feel, she immediately turned around and slapped me."
by Kristen December 03, 2003

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to get together
yo lets link up when u get back
by kristen November 19, 2003

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A four-stringed instrument with two "f holes" cut into the top to release the sound. Used to play or accompany a wide variety of music, from classical to techno, and even rock.
I play the violin.
by Kristen August 10, 2003

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The best Broadway musical that exists. It debuted in 1996, and is still running today.
"Rent is about being young in New York; being brave and being scared; being in love and being in trouble; viewing hope for today and faith for tomorrow."
by Kristen October 20, 2003

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best band who just so happens to sing the very best and most entertaining songs ever known to man.
Relient K rocks my socks.
by Kristen September 22, 2003

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The lady who gave you life.
In this context, it is usually used as an insult.
Billy: "I think you are very ugly."
Tommy: "Yo momma!"
by Kristen March 10, 2004

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