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A very serious disease. The person with schoolitis needs to stay away from school and sleep as much as possible. It is most commonly found during the last few months of school (April, May, and into June.
Symptoms: constant drowsieness, colds/sneezing, sleeping for 33 hours in one weekend and still being tired,irritability,just never feeling well.
Prevention: do not stress over the troubles of school.
Treatment: do not go to school, instead stay home and sleep (outside if possible), continue sleeping and not worrying about school.
If affected, treat as soon as possible.
by Kristen April 18, 2005
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Inflamation of the schooli. "Itis" meaning "inflamed", and "schooli" meaning "school with an i on the end (for cuteness)"

Kristen's school is inflamed, curse that schooliitis!

Schooliitis is a funny looking word.
by CeliaMay December 30, 2005
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