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A term used to describe the effect of marijuana. Faded is when you are not quite high but not quite sober, just a tad bit chemically altered.
"d00d its 4-20 lets get baked!"
"no man, i have to go home tonight, i'll just get a little faded"
by krevin April 22, 2007
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if a gay guy asks you to go to his birthday party you should go because theres always like 9283920391039120491 girls there and no straight guys so you can get some mad pussy action
by krevin June 2, 2007
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a potion, usually blue, that restores a characters MP or MANA. Very typical in RPG's.
Oh no, my mage is running out of MP. he needs a mana potion if he wants to cast any more thunder spells
by krevin April 22, 2007
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similar to a roadjob, but the driver is giving the dome.
sure, the roadjob+ is dangerous, but its totally worth it man!
by krevin June 9, 2007
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Another name for marijuana, used only by people who don't smoke marijuana.
if somebody says they smoke pot theyre a liar because nobody who smokes weed calls it pot
by krevin April 22, 2007
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a word used by people who don't smoke weed to describe people who do smoke weed. also, people who want to fit in with stoners and have only smoked weed once will call themselves potheads in hopes that people will think they smoke a lot, even though a true "pot head" would never call themselves a "pot head"
i do not call myself a pot head because i actually smoke weed. also, pot heads and crack heads are very different, but people who use the word "pot head" tend to not realize that, and end up calling anybody who smokes anything a crack head.
by krevin April 22, 2007
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refers to the common hardcore dance move where a person will throw there arms down towards the ground so as to seem as if they are picking up change off of the ground. this can be done stationary or while pacing from left to right.
look at these noobs over here picking up the change! i bet they think the windmill is still cool!
by krevin November 20, 2007
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