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a homemade smoking device that is the in-between of a bong and a pipe. it is used to smoke weed, but can be used to smoke other things as well, such as crack or meth. It is made by taking a water bottle and emptying most of the water out, leaving just enough water so that no part of the bottom of the inside of the bottle is dry. the water is optional however, but convenient because it catches the ashes that fall into through, thus opitimizing your smoking experience. the label of the water bottle is removed, and the lid as well. a hole is carved or melted into the middle of the water bottle for a mouth peice, and another hole is placed on the reverse side of the water bottle towards the top to be used as a carb. aluminum foil is then placed around the where the lid used to be, and dips in to create a bowl. lastly you must poke small holes in the bowl so the smoke will have a way to get into the bottle.
"dawg i lost my pipe, looks like we bought this sticky for nothing!" said jason.
"Fret not, my friend, for i have brought some tinfoil and a water bottle. we are seconds away from smoking out of a shotgun!" replied krevin.
"GOOD IDEA!" jason exclaimed in extreme joy
by krevin April 22, 2007
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