22 definitions by krevin

vocal reinacment of pornographic film
porn sucks, all it is anymore is:
"Guy: i'm hear to clean your pool
Girl: but i don't have a pool!
by krevin June 2, 2007
a teary-eyed or crying emoticon
pootytang12: and she wouldn't even let me violently penetrate her colon :'(
by krevin June 10, 2007
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abreviation for captain
by krevin June 18, 2007
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dude can be used anywhere 'man' can
Person A: DUDE! Ciara's so hot!
Person B: Yeah, except shes a dude.
by krevin June 3, 2007
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Whilst is the alternate form of "while" that can only be used mid-clause.
"I'll do the dishes whilst you do the laudnry"
as apposed to
"While you were out of town, i skeeted all over your furniture."
by krevin April 17, 2007
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A videogame system released in late 2006 by Nintendo. It uses motion sensor technology and detects the movements of the wireles controller, also called the "wii-mote", and its attachment, the nunchuck.
The Wii was originally going to be called the nintendo dolphin, which was also the early name of the nintendo gamecube, but once again the name was over-ruled by the name "nintendo revolution." this name was also veto'd and the system recieved the name "wii" just weeks before its release in america. The wii comes with a game called "wii sports" which, like most wii games, has graphics only slightly better than that of the nintendo 64, which was released almost 10 years ago. The concept of the Wii will get you playing it non-stop for the first couple of days that you own it, but as soon as your wii-mote loses about half of its battery power, the whole system is fucked and the motion detector bar will be confused as to what you are attempting to do, and thereby go in every direction you are not trying to go. the only decent games for the wii are "avatar: the last airbender," which was dissapointing because it was so short, "metal slug anthology", "the legend of zelda: twilight princess", and "Sonic and the Secret Rings." these games prosper over all others due to the fact they are not a series of poor-graphic mini-games in a poor excuse for a storyline. if you are considering buying a wii and are over the age of 10, you should instead go down to the hardware store and buy a large, $50 hammer so you can knock some sense into yourself, and then buy a half-ounce of purple kush, drive down to crazy j's house, and roll yourself a couple of fatties, because marijuana is a much better investment then a nintendo wii.
ALSO, nintendo started changing the first syllable of just about every word in the english language to "wii"
"woah dude, i just drove my wii-tomobile to the wii-electronics store and wii-chased a nintendo wii, and while i was wii boxing my wii-mote slipped out of my hands and crashed wii-to my wii-levision screen, there was a huge wii-splosion and i had to call the fire wii-partment to come put out the wii-ferno that was wii-ing from my wii!"
by krevin April 22, 2007
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To run out of health on Grand theft auto.

Also, to have a large amount of poisonous chemicals in your sytem.
You can not be WASTED if you only have marijuana in your system, because marijuana does not consist of the lethal toxins that other drugs contain.
yo brah, me and crazy j just smoked 6 blunts, and drank 2 40z a peice. then to top it off we snorted 10 lines of coke. we were so wasted
by krevin April 22, 2007
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