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The Reichstag was the capital of the German Parliament during WWII. A dutch communist was in the building that night, and was executed for the crime. Although many thought the Germans themselves did it, to the contrary, it was the dutchman. However, it was beneficial to the new Nazi government under Chancellor Hitler in permanent postponement of democracy. This event is comparable to 9/11, it provoked fear, exacerbated by the government, which is slowly resulting in the halt of democracy and the establishment of a dictatorship.
Reichstag is to Adolf Hitler as September 11th is to George W. Bush.
by knuckles July 11, 2004
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A person who lets people punk or son him (Or her) without defending their self.

A coward.

This word was originated and made popular by a young man from Inglewood California... Y.G. KNUCKLES.
That dude punched you in the eye and you ain't even fight back, you a HOESBY niguh.
by knuckles May 31, 2004
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Something very cool, or someone who is respected.
KB's ass is gaetuhboo. Its like "woah".
by knuckles January 29, 2003
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To fail, especially by loss of will.
"Did you ask that girl out, Jim?"
"No, she had a cock-blocking friend and I buckled."
by knuckles April 4, 2003
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"Gonna go out tonight, Charley?"
"Nah I am gonna carrot."
by knuckles April 4, 2003
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A person with a huge penisor someone who makes fun of other people for having small penis': or can be someone who gets laid all the time.
Dylan has a dibin.
Dylan always get dibin.
No fair, I want a dibin.
I have a dibin.
by knuckles April 16, 2005
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