4 definitions by kizz

short for penis. kizzdogg is the creator of the word
i have a big ness.
my ness is so big and beautiful
by kizz March 16, 2005
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10th chamber doesnt know what hes talking about either. rza IS the leader of the wu tang clan. gza taught rza about the 5% nation, but rza and the ODB were the first to really bring in the wu-tang and shaolin. all they would do is watch kung fu movies all night. brush up on your history b/c its disgustingly wrong.
rza is an underrated rapper.
by kizz March 15, 2005
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A silk invitation is when someone wanks off their SO into the person being wanked off’s face
by kizz August 14, 2021
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Kershy means that someone is awkward but charismatic as well.
“He got her number?! Yo, that boy kershy af!”
by kizz August 4, 2018
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