11 definitions by kitten fingers

1. A monster collecting/battling game where you catch Coromons, evolve them and fight other trainers similar to Pokemon.

2. Another rip off of Pokemon.
Joe: "ever heard of the game Coromon?"
You: "oh yeah that Pokemon rip off"
by kitten fingers June 19, 2022
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A short term with different meanings. It could be:

1. something - The usually common meaning of smt.

2. so much thanks - Implies that the sender of message is very thankful of your such deed.

3. sell me that - The sender is interested in buying your stuff.

4. send me that - The sender would be glad for you to send him/her the stuff you showed.

4. send me toes - The sender is interested in seeing your toes and he/she might have a fetish for toes.

5. suck my tits - The sender is a female and would be horny for you to come over and suck her tits till the milk come out drippin her nipples.
Example conversation for number 5.

You: "if i give u 10$ what you do?"
Girl: "i'd let u smt"
by kitten fingers June 20, 2022
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A term for someone who has soft and little fingers.
Bella: "her fingers are so soft!"
You: "omg... she's such a kittenfingers!"
by kitten fingers June 19, 2022
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A well known medical writer and author in the late 19th century. He became well known as the author of "The relatonship of insanity to masturbation," published during the late 19th century along varieties of articles concerning masturbation.
"Vladimir Putin contributed alot in the field of masturbation sciences."
by kitten fingers June 19, 2022
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A short term for "tell me anything," that is usually used in text messages. It implies that the sender of a message with this term will listen to anything you tell him/her.
Girl: "hey hows your day"
You: "its ok. stressful"
Girl: "you can tma btw :)"

In this example conversation, it implies that the girl is actually interested in you.
by kitten fingers June 20, 2022
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A short term for Club Penguin. A well known multiplayer online game where users get to play as a penguin. It sadly was shut down on March 30, 2017.
by kitten fingers June 19, 2022
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A common disorder among people of all ages where there is frequent arousal in the private areas.

Common symptoms in men include: frequent boner, unexpected boner, hard penis, sweaty testicles, urge to masturbate, frequent masturbation, etc.

Common symptoms in women include: sweaty breasts, wet underwear, feeling hot in the private area, etc.
You: "im horny everyday and i'd jack off 5 times a day"

Joe: " you might have horny syndrome"
by kitten fingers June 19, 2022
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