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Literally means "young men" in Arabic, but is commonly used to refer to "the boys". In Dubai it is used to refer to your boys, or eg. homies, gang, posse, clique. It is used also to refer to the people who will back you up in a fight.
"Ohh you wanna mess around now? I'll bring my shabaab!!" or "Don't fuck with me, i know half the shabaab of Dubai!"
by kikkoman69 June 8, 2004
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Derived from "Kora" which means ball in Arabic. Used to name breasts among the youth in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Usually used along side chumchum
Damn, that girl Noora has got some fine cooras!!
by kikkoman69 June 8, 2004
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An expression of extreme shock and anguish, a reaction to a catastrophe of horrific magnitude.
When your house is broken into and your entire possessions and life savings are stolen and ransacked, and you're entire family is slaughtered and dismembered and you are paralyzed from shock. (Basically, you're life is over)..You would say "Dao Ming Si" and thats all..
by kikkoman69 December 1, 2004
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Used by youth in Middle East - Dubai in particular - to describe a loser, wannabe, poser etc who hang around "the places to be" on the weekend just to be seen. Plural = "hashakel"
"Look at those hashakel hangin' around Burger King" or "Nah man i dont wanna go ther, too many hashakel"
by kikkoman69 June 8, 2004
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Made-up word, commonly used among the Arabic youth of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it means a woman's ass, or booty or bum. Used alongside cooras}.
Wow this place is hot! We're surrounded by cooras and chumchums!
by kikkoman69 June 8, 2004
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To inhale the smoke from a marijuana joint or bong, and blow it into another person's mouth. See shotgun
"Yo man, give me a bagshot from that"
by kikkoman69 June 8, 2004
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