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Literally means "asphalt" in Arabic, but used to display discontent. Same use as shit.
"Oh no forgot the keys in the car, ZIFT!!"
by kikkoman69 June 8, 2004
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when an arabic person tell's you the word "zift" they are just expressing their love for you, and their enjoyment when you are here.
Ya zift, il3an shaklak
by The Man Behind It All February 28, 2022
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It is a beautiful arabic name. It is Unisex and means " graceful".
It was very popular from 2004 -2008 it is less popular now but it it still a well-known name
"What should we name our baby girl?"
" Either Amara or Zift"

"I love the sound of zift!!"
by Potato_girl May 2, 2021
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It is a way to say thank you in arabic to people you're close to like friends or family. Very casual but elders also enjoy when it is said. It helps to get all the favour with arabs and you will soon get the most gifts during the holidays.
"person picks something up for you"
You: Tha-- wait no ....Ya Zift

Them: Aww Habibi how sweet
by NOT MARK October 21, 2021
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