a term used in abu dhabi to define annoying ass teenagers who think vaping/medwa5/getting high/drinking makes them cool and socially acceptable. they usually hang out around corniche or galleria (since marina is now dead) and follow girls around asking for their insta or snap bc they think they're attractive and can get any girl they want. they also usually date a girl just for her body so they can show off to their friends and then break up with her a month later. you'll usually see them wearing fake supreme/off white hoodies or fake merch. they're usually also big fans of travis scott and they spam their stories with either posts about rappers, depressed quotes, videos of them listening to khaleeji music in a car, videos of them smoking and blowing it on the camera bc thats "cool", or posts of them at parties. they're basically the horniest & cringiest guys you'll ever meet in ad.
example 1: "hey u wanna go to galleria this thursday?"

"nah man its gonna be filled w hashkals"
example 2: "bro i think u should stay away from him, all his friends are hashkals so he's probably one too"
by unbotheredbvbyy January 2, 2020
nahhh forget that shit ^^^ they're some annoying ass guys with cringy instagram and snapchat posts who think they can get girls by wearing fake gucci, bape, supreme, etc. they usually gang up around maria & corniche and "vape" while following around girls asking for their numbers.
ya5i i don't like her, all she does is try to impress hashkals
by unbotheredbvbyy February 15, 2018
Used by youth in Middle East - Dubai in particular - to describe a loser, wannabe, poser etc who hang around "the places to be" on the weekend just to be seen. Plural = "hashakel"
"Look at those hashakel hangin' around Burger King" or "Nah man i dont wanna go ther, too many hashakel"
by kikkoman69 June 8, 2004
a term used in the khaleej, particularly the UAE, that refers to certain nefarious characters and shady types that think they are gangstas or cool aka faris or farfoos. synonyms: poser,loser,gansta,wannabe,losah
Man that farfoos is such a hashkal.
by bumayed October 13, 2008
Best known for their defensive reply to "fronting". When someone of larger status confronts a smaller hashkal (yung bloodz) they will attempt to reason with the alpha-hashkal by saying "Hey, you- What did i did???".
Alpha Hashkal: Im going to kill your tshirt!
Yung Hashkal: Hey, you- Man! What did i did???
by A stylez September 2, 2006
thats a lie ^... HASHKALS kno how to get down yo.. just take a glimpse at the fuckin almariah.. u will want to join like no other.. they got no bitches, no cars, no drinks, no midwakh.. but yo the thing that makes the most sense about them is that they HATE Americans, but yo they love 2pac and 50 which are also americias yo.. so if u feel the urge to GET DOWN.. go thurr and say "AYYO i wanna get down!" they will come to u.. with there knuckledusters and attitudes.. just remember,, salgood..nahmeen
ima hashkal forreeal

U aint shit man
by Tyson K August 31, 2006
A fuckboy hashkal are types of boys who will be very caring and all that shit and then spread shit about you to all his friends. A fuckboy hashkal will take you somewhere dodgy only to pretend he loves you but you will be dumb enough to fall for it and he will begin requesting for sexual favors. He will allow all your friends to add you and make you look like a slut. After getting what they want they will block you off social media as they don’t know how to tell you why they have blocked you but would instead tell you that their parents have taken their phones for a search :) A fuckboy hashkal will commonly kiss your hand on a date to believe what you had was real when really it was all just a big fairytale.

If your fuckboy hashkal is a lisenced driver just expect to do anal at the back of his car. A fuckboy hashkal will know that Arabs cannot lose thei virginity so they will fo it from the back.

A fuckboy hashkal will also pass you around to all his friends making you fall in love with each and every single one of them. These are actions made by fuckboy hashkals...:)

Hope this helped
He’s a fuckboy hashkal ffs you went to a dodgy place to hide from his parents