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To engage in a conversation of a highly technical nature, typically with some other members of the party you are with, completely (and usually inadvertently) alienating others in the process.
We were having a great conversation about how bad Windows was, when suddenly Bill started geeking out about assembler code on a PDP-10.
by ke6isf September 09, 2004
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Figurative: "If you want to discuss this topic with me, you will need to wait your turn, as there are any number of others who wish to do so who got here before you did."

Comes from a line control mechanism that is found today with decreasing frequency, where one is requested to take a numbered ticket from a strategically placed dispenser and accordingly wait for that number to be called.
Your computer just blew up? Take a number, I've been getting calls on that all day.
by ke6isf October 15, 2004
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Colloquialism: "nothing at all".

Comes from English slang; exact origin is unknown.
"There's nothing in the fridge," said Richard. "Not a sausage."
by ke6isf January 31, 2005
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Notional name for bakery outlet stores (such as what are run by Weber and Orowheat) that sell products at discount rates.

Origin is obscure, but probably comes by analogy that something that's previously used is a lot cheaper than something that's new.

Usage is considered silly.
We picked up food at the used bread store for half the price we would've paid at the grocery store!
by ke6isf December 30, 2004
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America Online.

One of the largest and most popular internet service providers, simply owing to the advertising barrage they've committed to since the September That Never Ended started.

They have a reputation for having bad customer service, even worse users, and downright horrible connection lag on their dialup, complete with a proprietary bloatiferous client. Those that want off have a hard time getting off due to the fact that they won't forward your email.
From a commercial: "A friend of mine told me I should try America Online. 'Why?' I asked. 'I already have a computer!'"
by ke6isf September 09, 2004
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Notional leading cause of a beverage running out of the mouth and down your shirt due to poor aim (the mouth of your can was tilted to your nose) or poor control (tilted the coffee cup too far back).

Derived from the fact that it kind of looks like you took a hole punch to the skin just below your lower lip.
Dude, you spilled coffee all down the front of your shirt, you have a hole in your lip or something?
by ke6isf October 25, 2004
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September 11, in recognition of the events of September 11, 2001. A kneejerk reaction to this sort of thing, in this author's opinion.
Patriot day happened, and nobody noticed.
by ke6isf September 15, 2004
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