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September 11, 2001 is the day that the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers were struck by planes. Later WTC1, WTC2, and WTC7 would collapse. Over 3,000 people perished on this day. This event was carried out by Olsama Bin Laden, the leader of Al-Qaeda. This event would later be a conspiracy that planes “never flew into the Twin Towers”, and many more. News flash idiots, planes were used
September 11: Today, we remember the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.
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by tanacon June 15, 2018
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On the morning of 9/11/01, American Airline jets were hijacked by islamic extremists and were deliberately crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington DC in an apparent terrorist attack.
A third plane was hijacked, however the passengers on board this flight managed to stop the terrorists and crash the plane near remote Shanksville, PA.
Overall, over 3,017 people were killed and over 6,300 were wounded. The WTC towers are gone and 9/11/01 still affects americans today.

These events sparked the war on terror.
Citizen: "Oh my god! The airplane crashed into the World Trade Center!"
Reporter: "God help them..."
Citizen: "September 11, 2001, the day American will never forget.
by yuriogy1 August 07, 2009
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