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anyone who thinks they deserve whatever the hell they want.
green day is annoying.
boss= you're fired because you raped the secretary.

and somehow employee will win the minority abuse lawsuit.
by kccc=] August 11, 2007
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why are there blond jokes?
to make brunettes feel better!
at least your mom thinks your pretty.

oh, blonde jokes
by kccc=] August 19, 2007
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the only excuse.
try it.
"what are you doing, use a condom!"
"it doesn't feel as goooooood."
"too bad!"

"what are you doing, use a condom!"
"i'm allergic to latex."
"oh, okay then."
by kccc=] August 14, 2007
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A music/video/program sharing thing. But now its full of porn and virus'. Downloads are sometimes shitty, and sometimes take forever. But Ive found the secret. Just take the good files your friends download from their computer by a cd. No risk of virus' because theve already been on someone's computer and it didn't crash. And hopefully someone fixed the labeling. So feel free to mooch off your friends, because who actually bothers to upload music anyway? Same diffrence.
Joe= I don't wanna risk downloading my shit off limewire, so no, I don't have anything you can download.

Bob= Oh. Well your my friend so Ill let you in on a secret. Be a Limewire Hobo, and go ask take your friend's illegal downloads like I do. Stupid.
by kccc=] June 22, 2007
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Oh god, my current home state. If you live there, either a small town in the south, or Melbourne and surrounding towns is the only decent plae where you won't be called a hick. I have to do to the rest of this wasteland for some cheerleading compititions, and I feel like I'll get shot. Trailer parks dominate most of the state, and the other half is the coast line full of condos, which are full of old people. If your not poor then you probably live in a private community (i.e. maybe a gate, definatly deffrently labeled neighborhoods) and go to one of the 485639670 different schools that you could be zoned for, even if someone living closer to it than you is going to a different one. Because just about every single child abduction yu see in the news is from Florida, the cops get every 13-year-old girl grounded because they decide them walking home at 6pm is dangerous, and they need a ride home. (I should know it happened twice in the last two weeks.) If you drive here, you've been pulled over at least once a month for no apparent reason for at least the last year. Every kid gets sprayed with the "RECLAIMED WATER" (shit water sprinklers) going to the bus stop. About 80% of every one ages 10-50 smokes daily, and not legally either. What do we do for fun? Wandering around aimlessly in outdoor malls at 10pm or getting drunk off your ass every night is pretty much all there is to do. Emo kids and "skaters" run the town. Pretty much everyone's parents are divorced, half the kids live with their grandparents, and the other half live in the shitty army housing. Everyone steals makeup from target, and the rich kids wear abercrombie and drink starbucks. You probably know people that shoplift as a hobby. Just call the kids white trash and wish you didn't live here. Fat sunburned tourist ruin the summer, but where the hell are you supposed to go?

Florida Kid= "It was full of burnouts and single parents, why?"
East Coast Kid= "What? Didn't you go to Disney every day?!"
Florida Kid= "You would think. No, I had to spend my time pretending to be interested in the bag of weed my 'friend' bought from his father."
East Coast Kid= "Ew..."
Florida Kid= "Tell me about it."
by kccc=] June 17, 2007
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how you describe a fat person nicely.
girl 1= damn your girlfriend is a fatass.
boy= she's just thick!
by kccc=] August 11, 2007
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I know they help us and everything, and I am thankful they are here to protect us, but seriously they hate me. In the last two weeks ive been driven home in a cop car twice. And no, Im not some freaking pothead drug addict. First I forgot to tell my parents where I was, but the second time me and my friend were sitting on the sidewalk at 11 o'clock at night, and he decided we needed to go home. >:. Also, SOME cops do just try to get the numbers, especially in LA, because in less than one week we got 3 pointless tickets (2 parking, 1 wasn't even right, and a u-turn where everyone else got away with it.) It must take alot to be a cop, because just being with one tired me out. Last night (I was on the sidewalk) he said that he didn't want to get us in trouble, but he didn't want us to get ubducted. Sure.
police really need an example?
by kccc=] June 15, 2007
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