A symbol, punctuation, and identity. It was created and popularized by Ian Reagan as an ambiguous icon that can be applied to any context.
Ian Reagan is 2014's MVP // (slash slash)
by BECKMAN June 10, 2014
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The blanket term for new moguls whose success has been in crossover, i.e. Victoria Beckham, entertainer/designer, or Jay-Z, rapper/executive.
Consumers buy into Slash/Slashers not just because of their skills but because of who they are.
by Annelise_mn April 8, 2008
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Slash slash undo is a meme in the minecraft community. It refferes to the command // undo, but is spelled out just to annoy the server owner. It was made by youtuber Skeppy, who uses it to irritate his friend BBH when trolling or griefing his minecraft server MunchyMC
"Skeppy, just type in the commands, //undo"
"Slash slash undo"
by someonenamedollie June 20, 2019
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