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Originating from the mean streets of Southeast DC, this word kicks the meaning of "sweet" or "swiggedy sweet" up a notch, reaching a whole new level of sugary goodness.
Sean: Dude, that's one sweet ride.
Dude: Nah man, it ain't just sweet, it's sweet-tastic.
by K August 17, 2004

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He who taketh nuff schwan across his lips, craveth a solid teabag on a daily basis and receiveth nuff gladiator masks which split him between the eyes.
Upon hearing the batty man speak of the multitude of sacks that have been draped across his chin, the others in the room turned to him in disgust and all in unison and proceeded to yell at him "Batty Dan...Batty Dan...Batty Dan..."
by K December 11, 2003

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A dish consisting of mainly baby feces and carrots.
That bozoki looks really good; i'm going to get me some.
by K November 10, 2003

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is t3h win!
N3XuS is teh win!
by k July 19, 2003

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To be amazingly cool and internet wise.
God, you are so ChewedKandi.
by K September 13, 2003

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completely and utterly useless + horrible at any game
i needed a pencil for the test and i all had was a bashkir-pen
by k February 28, 2003

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adj.. - As in "your face", what you say to people when you feel the need to tell them it is their face.
Person A: "Yours."
Person B: *explodes*
by k February 24, 2005

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