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hacker, computer hacker...:) l337 b10t|-|!!
|-|3 |)1d/\/t di??! |-|@x0rz@!!!
by joshxx March 25, 2007
A japanese pc game... thats all im gonna say. -_-
guy1: rapelay is soo hot!

guy2: ur sick!
by joshxx March 25, 2007
A really good anime movie... thats all i got.
i first watched perfect blue when i was 13. ^^
by joshxx March 22, 2007
a gaming console that should never have been invented!
have u seen legend of zelda for the cd-i???? its horrable!
the kids next door crying and bats are flying out of hell...
whos playing cd-i?
by joshxx March 25, 2007
a pheonix down is what you use in most final fantasy games
to revive a "knocked out" allie. Most ppl have got KO'ed
in ff as being "killed off" it just meens knocked out!
thats why they couldnt revive aerith! she was "killed off"
not "knocked out"
"oh, crap! my whole party is dead and i only have 12 hp!
time for a phenoix down! *short pause(using pheonix down)
... DAMNIT!! i used it on myself!! NOOOOO!!!! *dead*
by joshxx March 22, 2007
A term used when ppl think of thing in ther mind.
Called "the minds eye" because i guess youre SEEING things
in your mind.
I'm undressing you in my head, that's my minds eye!
by joshxx March 25, 2007
one of my fave ps2 games. it stars a character named
jenifer. thats all i got, i only got passed the air ship.
It's a horror survival game, not as good as resident evil but it can still hold its own.(hoping for a squel.)
guy: rule of rose is for faggs.

me: stfu, rose is an awesome game!

guy: ur in denile...

me: fuck you.

by joshxx March 28, 2007