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8 definitions by jonathan92c

slaying a track both beatwise and lyricalwise
"while i was recording in the studio, i slantized my song"

"man that song is so great. you definetly slantized it"
by jonathan92c July 23, 2009
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spanish version of big meat. used when you want to be discreet
guy: hey baby girl: wats up guy: want some carne grande? girl: whats that? guy: youll see
by jonathan92c March 17, 2008
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when you are just beyond late. it is not even close to fashionably late.
joe:yo man, you are re-late
joe:yea, the party started 3 hours ago
by jonathan92c March 17, 2008
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man 1: hey its 69 finally!

man 2: eww nasty

man 1: no my music download is finally at 69%. you pervent
by jonathan92c September 12, 2008
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when someone says something so funny on aim that it is worthy to put it on myspace as a bulletin
jonathan92c: yo guess what
blacklambo730: what?
jonathan92c: theres a spanish remix to "we made it"
blacklambo730: whats it about? making it over the border?
jonathan92c: hahahhahahah. thats bulletin worthy
by jonathan92c September 16, 2008
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a person who doesnt wait for the bus, the bus waits for him.
boy 1: yo why we still at the stop
boy 2: we waitin on da bus pimp
by jonathan92c March 17, 2008
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