"hey baby, dump that faggot! i gots that big meat"
at johns babeque he grilled up some big meat
by EZ MUNY October 28, 2006
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An alliance of large meat individuals. The group is comprised of Turkey, Colly, Slappy, Retard Dave and Indentured Servent Mike. Turkey lurks in the shadows and is low key the best. Slappy is the newest bma and loves to boast about his skill while turkey gets the job done. Colly and Retard Dave created this alliance many years ago and dislike slappy with a passion. And mike is a dirty hispanic.
I wish i was in the big meat alliance!
by Turkeymiester August 8, 2016
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He has the biggest cock on the planet and is only 14. He has had sex with 331 different women, and has probably fucked your mom. He wants to be a train conductor when he grows up so he can keep running trains on these hoes.
BTI: dude I think Big Meat Jimmy is coming to my house
Zeyy: oh no hes gonna fuck your mom just like he fucked my mom
BTI: 😥
by LavaPancakes December 18, 2019
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A dominant Dominican male who 100% filling some sort of a hole tonight, most likely a woman’s.
That stripper is in trouble, after 30 minutes of Big Meat Spence she may or may not be able to walk tomorrow.
by Codenamejason December 23, 2021
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Originating from thezionshow on tiktok, Big meat Pete is a prison rapist. He notoriously loves meat loaf. If you take the last slice of meat loaf in prison he will make you take his "meat loaf" (penis) as well.
New inmate: "damn this meat loaf good"
Old timer: "you took the last slice? That was supposed to be big meat Pete's slice."
New inmate: "I don't care about no big meat Pete"
Big meat Pete: "aye cuh that's my meat loaf that's okay there's more where that came from"
by MIKAEL777 December 6, 2021
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