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Noun- A name for an elementary school kid that spends his recess time digging in the dirt. By middle school "diggers" either reform or become oddball social outcasts.
Mom: "Hey weren't you friends with him back in grade school?"
Kid: "Nah, He was one of those weird "digger kids."
by joesk84ever June 26, 2009

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Adjective applied to a student who tries to get out of a summer homework assignment by "thinking" it was optional.
It rarely works but might get you permission to hand the assignment in late.
Teacher, "Where is your summer book report?"
Student, "Uhh... I thought that was optional."
Teacher, "How optionalistic of you."
by joesk84ever June 26, 2009

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Able to understand, and to do what your told.
First seen on reality cop show.
Cop,"Are you gonna give us trouble?"
Drunk "gangsta", "I'm legit son, and compremendable"
by joesk84ever June 24, 2009

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Noun: the people spotting game where you try to find two people somehow connected but are opposite in as many ways as possible.

Point system is determined by how many opposites are present.

If an actual oriental is involved an extra point is awarded.
Dude: Look "Yin-Yang!!"
Man: Where?
Dude: Right there- Tall Hasidic, Jewish, Guy holding hands with the Short, Black Girl- 3 points to me!!
Man: Allright I'll give you three. Now I'll show you how the "Yin-Yang Game" is played! Where's my orientals at?
by joesk84ever September 14, 2009

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When two people act miserable together.

Differs from commiserating. Commiserating is when people make themselves feel better by complaining together about a current bad situation.
New Dude-"What is up with those two?"
Bro-"Nuttin'. They always been together and hatin' on everything. They are just co-miserable".
by joesk84ever June 30, 2009

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A skater kid that knows the name of every trick. Such people often like to correct others.
Skater kid#1- "There it is- Double heelflip to feeble grind!"

Skater Kid #2- "NO way man! That was a Varial kickflip to a tweaked 5-0!"

Skater kid #1 "What are you- some kind of tricktionary?"
by joesk84ever January 05, 2010

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A skater that knows the history, background and development of every trick that is being done.
Skater# 1- "That is a sick frontside-ollie air your pulling on the big wall!"

Skater# 2- "Actually it is a Cabellariel invented by Steve Caballero back in 1984. He landed the first one at Del Mar Skate Ranch in the Prom- AM that year. He was skating against...."

Skater # 1- "You're a regular tricklopedia aren't you?"
by joesk84ever January 05, 2010

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