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A way for students to talk about drugs, sex, drinking and stuff by referring everything to oatmeal.
student1: then when I brought the oatmleal packet home, it was so badly wrapped half of it fell out!
student2: that sucks!
teacher: go to the principals office, I know the oatmeal code, I used it in high school.
by joe725 April 21, 2007
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Someone who plays videogames so much they are lame.
person: Wanna go to the concert?
video lamer: No I've gotta play Halo 3.
person: You're such a Video Lamer.
by joe725 November 24, 2007
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The only REAL Punk band today, their singer has the unpolished kind of voice like The Clash's and The Ramones's singers. This band also has good guitar and a very Punk sound. It is too bad that this band is Japanese and you can't understand them. I recommend listening to the song "No Boy No Cry". It is a good song. The vocals aren't the best because it is Punk.
person1: what song is this.
person2: No Boy No Cry, by the Stance Punks, an actual punk song, unlike the gay mainstream shit that is called punk.
person1: it sounds retarded!
person2: you know what sounds retarded? the gay fake punk thats on the radio.
person1: this isn't punk
person2: just learn about The Clash and The Ramones, thats real punk.
by joe725 March 22, 2007
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When a drug dealers field is burned usually by another drug dealer so that the other drug dealer can make more money
drug dealer: i was crop flaring yesterday!
by Joe725 June 25, 2006
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What one uses to gain the advantage or wiggle out of a bad situation by using a characteristic of who they are, or any situation in their life.

Card is normally put after the word for the situation or characteristic in order to describe what they are using to their advantage.
Being the manager of a fast food restaurant, I hired an African American to work at the drive through, he was very incompetent and mixed up orders a lot. When I fired him he pulled the race card by saying I was firing him because he was black.
by joe725 July 18, 2008
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A guy who actively sticks up for women and their rights whenever he can in an attempt to get ass. Sometimes they even act like huge cockblockers.

Femanists are usually men who usually don't have much luck with women. And they resort to sympathizing with them as another means of getting in their pants.
I was going to take this hot chick at my work to dinner, but this stupid femanist who works with me told her behind my back that she shouldn't let me decide for her. Because of him no dinner.
by joe725 August 08, 2008
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A music style that formed in the 80's out of reggae influence. It was forming a little bit after the rap style was formed. It borrowed the spoken type of lyrics and it had trumpet and very upbeat and stimulating rhythms.

Hip-hop is different from rap because rap is very poetic but it has a beat to keep a steady flow, (a beat as in drums or anything that makes a short sound) It (was) started/influnced with/by the James Brown song "The Big Comeback"

Hip-hop got mixed up with rap when Run-D.M.C. came in, they created songs that were a mix of both styles, such as "King of Rock", it had poetic lyrics, drums and guitar which had savory rhythm. Run-D.M.C. were very good with poetry and they used Hip-hop melodies and rap beats mixed in their songs.

Modern Hip-hop is called rap but it isn't very poetic, it is almost like 80's Hip-hop but the reggae influence has been replaced with synth, the modern "rappers" are actually Hip-hop artists but the average person calls them rappers because it is shorter than "Hip-hop artist". Out of the laziness of people to say 2 words instead of one; Hip-hop and rap have been mixed up.

Rap is dead these days and the last rappers were Run-D.M.C. and maybe Tupac.

I do not like modern Hip-hop cause the artists try to make catchy, rhyming lyrics but because they don't have poetic minds they have to slur and mispronounce words to make them rhyme. Example: the song "Throw some D's" you hear the word "caddilick" a lot. I listen to the song just to laugh at it, I am even laughing as I write this.

Hip-hop was a great upbeat style but it is now all about image, the best of modern Hip-hop is ok to me but I really liked the early Hip-hop.
A lot of modern Hip-hop sucks!
by joe725 April 21, 2007
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