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This is the University of Chicago definition. Also known as That Guy.

The "That Kid" is, in short, the kid in your class who everybody hates. He consistently attempts to impress the professor with references to books and topics that ultimately irrelevant to the topic and class at hand. He uses big words which he has little grasp of, and quotes authors and thinkers in a nonchalant and usually incorrect manner. He will argue with the professor over anything in a desperate attempt to appear smart. Sometimes, he will go so far as to try and correct the professor--this always fails, because he is an idiot. It is unknown whether "That Kid" really believes in himself, though it is clear that even if he does not, he is still a raging douchebag.

Possibly and probably related to the hipster.

"Dude, who's that asshole who keeps trying to prove the calculus professor wrong?"

"Oh, it's the class That Kid. Fucktard doesn't understand that calculus is a fucking exact science. The professor looks like he's going to beat the shit out of somebody."


*That Kid raises hand*
"sigh...yes, That Kid?"
"Well, sir, I have to disagree with your methodology in addressing this query. You see, I read in my theory class that Marx addresses the dichotomy between the words therefore and vis a vie and conflicts concordingly with your point of view."
"Are you fucking retarded, That Kid? Sit the fuck down."


"How was class?"
"Oh, fucking god, it was terrible. I'm in a class full of That Kids. They had an argument about "the nature of what is" and I felt like shooting myself."
by enderkin August 28, 2009
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Originated at the University of Chicago

Obnoxiously Precocious Kid. Every class has one, usually shows their stripes on the first or second day of class by pointing to some obscure point in the text known only by people who actually do the reading.
The That Kid in my Hum class always raises his hand first in discussion.
by whoislilith April 06, 2011
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That Kid is a 21 year-old Denver-based popstar with a penchant for IMing, talking shit, and sexting your dads. He has been doing music since his middle school years and has rapped and sung in multiple genres over the span of eight years. That Kid is the twink of your dreams, and you can find him every where at @ itisthatkid
Dude 1:Have you heard of That Kid?
Dude 2:Who?
Dude 1:That Kid the Musical Artist
by Baby Cora June 22, 2020
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That Kid is a state of mind and everybody is capable of attaining it at one time or another. Being That Kid is signified by intentionally going out of your way to be the most obnoxious, childish, immature, and embarassing possible in any given situation. Correct usage of being That Kid results in your friends around you saying, "Ugh dude, I cannot BELIEVE you just did that." Cousin of That Kid is the Sand Kid
If That Kid sees a "wet paint" sign, he HAS to touch it.

That Kid unscrews the cap on a salt shaker in a really nice restaurant and laughs with his mouth wide open full of food, spews the food everywhere when somebody spills the salt.

That Kid buys the most expensive Kobe beef on the market, grinds it up into hamburgers and overcooks it, charred and everything.

That Kid sneezes on his hands before shaking hands with somebody (bonus points, he blatantly wipes it on his friend.)

That Kid farts in a really crowded elevator and proclaims, "Oh yeah...that's gonna smell."
by asod October 02, 2005
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A faggot ass look-alike of an infinitely cooler kid. 'That Kid' commonly cramps the cooler kids style by dressing similar to him. 'That Kid' will receive relentless insults on a daily basis constantly reminding him of his faggoty ways.
Random Person - "Hey, you're That Kid!"

That Kid - "Its not even funny anymore, god.."
by KidHater December 22, 2009
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When someone acts in a manner that a certain type of loser is known for.
Dan: Dude I'm gonna send you ten youtube videos and ask what you thought of them all.
Phil: You would be that kid.
by jgh242 February 22, 2009
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